These State Parks Are Considered The Absolute Best Maine Has To Offer

While you might be hearing a lot about the final days of summer, we urge you to stay strong! There’s still plenty of time for exploring the outdoors. And, the best thing about being in Maine is that even when the weather gets colder, you can still get out there! These state parks in Maine are wonderful places to visit all year round, and we challenge you to pick a few for your next Pine Tree State adventures!

So, have you visited the parks in this list? Which state parks in Maine are your favorites to visit? Sound off in the comments below!

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state parks to visit in Maine

January 19, 2022

How many state parks are there in Maine?

State parks offer something for just about everyone in every single season, and Maine is home to 36 of them, along with an amazing state forest, national monument, and a bucket-list-worthy national park.

What are some under-the-radar state parks I should visit in Maine?

Maine's state parks are all so beautiful, and it's all too easy to play favorites and fall into a routine where you're visiting a select few. Don't make that mistake! Because *all* of the state parks in Maine are places you'll want to visit... especially some of the parks that fly under the radar. For example, Fort Knox, Maine's largest historic fort, features military architecture and master granite craftsmanship. Constructed between 1844 and 1864 by master craftsmen and never fully completed, it is an unaltered example of a large mid-19th century granite coastal fortification, and a really cool site for history buffs. Over in Searsport, Moose Point is a total hidden gem with a really cool history. It was first developed as a dairy farm by the Carver family in 1859. At one point, the 186-acre property had a house, barn, two silos, and sixty head of cattle. After most of the buildings burned down in 1927, Clifford Carver and his relatives offered the land to the State of Maine as a park in 1951. It opened in 1963 and today is a lovely way to explore forest and sea. For more underrated state parks worth visiting in Maine, check out this article

What's the best-known state park in Maine?

One of the state parks that gets a lot of attention is Baxter State Park, over in Millinocket. Perhaps the best-known state park in Maine, Baxter is home to Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. But, it's also a wonderful place to explore even without plans to get to that summit. Enjoy the lakes and campgrounds here, but book early - the summer is busy! As such, we recommend visiting during the quieter seasons, like the winter.