8 Amazing Places You Can Go On One Tank of Gas In Louisiana

There are some amazing places that you can explore in Louisiana one just one tank of gas. While it really depends on your car, we’ve seen some estimates that say there are usually about 300 miles to a tank of gas. We’ve already created some really fun road trips throughout the state of Louisiana, like this one, A Louisiana Natural Wonders Road Trip. Using that as our guide, we’ve created a really fun road trip for you to take down the east side of Louisiana. Check out some of the most amazing places that Louisiana has to offer:

Have you ever seen some of these sights? We think there are some truly special sights along this corridor. There are so many gorgeous natural wonders in Louisiana. We’ve covered some of the most amazing ones here, with the 7 Natural Wonders of Louisiana article. Let us know if you take this trip. We’d love to hear about it!