The Voodoo culture of New Orleans has fascinated its visitors for centuries. And for most of them, the St. Louis Cemetery is not to be missed. There are three Saint Louis Cemeteries in New Orleans, all of which were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries under the Roman Catholic Church. Saint Louis No. 1 is perhaps the most famous of all three sites. In the space of just one square block, 100,00 are buried among crumbling cobblestones and eerie statues. One of the most legendary inhabitants of the above-ground vaults is the Voodoo Priestess by the name of Marie Laveau. Most who have visited Saint Louis No. 1 agree that there is something fascinating – and utterly eerie – about this site.

Whether or not you believe in the haunted nature of St. Louis No. 1, it’s a fascinating place to learn about and visit. For those in the area, there are guided tours with extensive information about Marie Laveau and others buried in the cemetery.


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