Visit Kentucky’s Only Underground Coal Mine On This Epic Tour

A world of wonder awaits below the rolling hills and busy streets of the Bluegrass, a state that’s home to numerous superlative caves and caverns. But the underground adventures don’t stop there; in Harlan, Kentucky, there’s an old underground coal mine that offers an unprecedented glimpse into our state’s history. At Portal 31, visitors can explore Kentucky’s only underground coal mine on an epic tour that belongs on any adventure-seeker’s Bluegrass bucket list.

Have you toured this underground coal mine in Kentucky before? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences! Head over to the Portal 31 website to learn more and plan your subterranean adventure.

For a deeper dive into Kentucky’s history, head over to Big South Fork, an abandoned mining community that’s the state’s very own ghost town.

Address: Portal 31, Lynch, KY 40855, USA