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With the wide variety of attractions Kentucky offers, there are sure to be plenty of unique options for spending the night away from home. Well, there are and we rounded them up for you. From high atop a tree, to inside an old jail cell, you’re sure to have an unforgettable night at these unique places to stay in Kentucky:

Treehouse Rentals in Kentucky

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending the night in a treehouse? There are some absolutely marvelous treehouses if you’re looking for cool places to stay in Kentucky that are sure to take any getaway to the next level… literally!

Tiny Home Rentals in Kentucky

Tiny house living is a wonderful way to simplify and lower your carbon footprint. If you’ve ever been curious to dip your toes into the tiny lifestyle, these tiny homes are some of the most fun places to stay in Kentucky and are a great place to start!

Farm Houses for Rent in Kentucky

Kentucky has caves and canyons, yes, but the state is also known for its expansive, picture-perfect, rolling farmland. And dotted across the bucolic landscape of the Bluegrass State, you’ll discover lots of charming farmhouses for rent in Kentucky.

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There's A Bed & Breakfast Hidden On A 600-Acre Farm In Kentucky That Feels Like Heaven

There's A Bed & Breakfast Hidden On A 600-Acre Farm In Kentucky That Feels Like Heaven

Stay The Night In An Old-Fashioned Covered Wagon At Horse Cave In Kentucky

Stay The Night In An Old-Fashioned Covered Wagon At Horse Cave In Kentucky

Mansions for Rent in Kentucky

Are you looking to enjoy a night or two in the lap of luxury? These mansions for rent in Kentucky offer pure luxury for guests:

Castles for Rent in Kentucky

You don’t have to be royalty to, well, live like royalty. Simply book one of these castles for rent in Kentucky, and be prepared for the royal treatment! These are some of the most unique rentals in Kentucky.

Add some extra charm and uniqueness to your next vacation with these unique places to stay in Kentucky. Have you stayed in any of these spots? What did you think? Are there any other unique gems we should check out? Let us know in the comments! And for more info on each of these locations, just click on each bolded name!

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Unique Places to Stay in Kentucky

What are the best unique hotels in Kentucky?

Why stay in a boring, old chain hotel when you can stay in one of these unique hotels in Kentucky? Here are some of our picks for the best hotels in the Bluegrass:

  • The Brown Hotel. More than a mere place to stay, The Brown Hotel is a Bluegrass icon. Not only is this Louisville hotel incredibly historic and beautiful, but it’s also the home of one of Kentucky’s most acclaimed dishes: the hot brown. Kentuckians have long known The Brown Hotel to be extraordinary, and it seems the rest of the country is catching on, too. The Brown Hotel has been lauded as “The Most Legendary Place to Stay in Kentucky” -- and we wholeheartedly agree with this title.
  • The Stagecoach Inn. In Guthrie, Kentucky, Stagecoach Inn is one such historic B&B. Established in 1833, this Inn has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past.
  • The Bellwether. The Bellwether is a boutique hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, that's a love letter to the Roaring '20s. Hailed as a historic hotel redesigned for the modern traveler, the building in which The Bellwether's rooms are located harkens back to 1907. Each themed room offers a unique experience that pays homage to their namesakes; primarily local historical figures and key thoroughfares in the Highlands, like, for example, Fredrick Olmsted, acclaimed landscape designer of many Louisville parks, making this boutique hotel easily one of the most unique and awesome accommodations in Kentucky.
  • The Seelbach Hotel. Another legendary Kentucky hotel, The historic Seelbach was a favorite stomping ground for one F. Scott Fitzgerald, and its glittering ballroom and glamorous digs are said to have inspired his most famous novel, “The Great Gatsby.” The Seelbach opened in 1905, making it Louisville oldest operating hotel, and a place certainly befitting of any Bluegrass bucket lists!


What are the most unique getaways in Kentucky?

While the above unique places to stay in KY offer wholly interesting adventures, these 10 accommodations are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the most unique getaway in Kentucky:

  • The Kentucky Castle. There are castle VRBOs in Kentucky, and then there's The Kentucky Castle. The Kentucky Castle is a majestic property that sits on 100 acres in Versailles, not far from Lexington and right in the heart of Horse Country. This is the kind of pristine and pastoral rolling landscape most people associate with Kentucky, and it's truly befitting of royalty. Built decades ago by a couple who admired the classic, gothic architecture of Old Europe; today, the Kentucky Castle is a boutique hotel, event space, restaurant, spa, and so much more. And the inside of this royal destination is as beautiful as you'd imagine!
  • Cliffview Resort. Nestled in the resplendent Red River Gorge, Cliffview Resort is quite possibly the best resort getaway in Kentucky. With its stately perch on a wooded hilltop, this rural lodging is the perfect place to get away from it all and easily one of the most "uniquely Kentucky" places to stay.
  • Bardstown Motor Lodge is a boutique hotel that promises to stoke your curiosity while also evoking nostalgic memories of summer camps and road trips with friends and family. If you’re looking for a big, old dose of old-fashioned fun, you’ll be delighted to discover this retro motor lodge in Kentucky.
  • Jailer's Inn. Have you ever dreamt of spending the night... in jail? It's not as crazy as it sounds. In the heart of downtown Bardstown, the Jailer's Inn was originally a county jail that held prisoners from 1797 to 1987. It was purchased and turned it into a wholly unique and surprising bed & breakfast experience in 1989; today,  this Kentucky inn boasts nine beautifully appointed guest rooms with private baths. The rooms are so luxurious, in fact, that you might have trouble believing this building was ever a jail!

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