The Racetrack Restaurant In Kentucky That May Just Be The State’s Best Kept Secret

Horse racing is a big deal in Kentucky, and it’s one of the things our state is known for. Often times, this sport can be associated with fancier outfits, events, and even meals, but that’s not always the case. Keeneland is arguably the most beautiful racetrack in the Bluegrass State and it’s a lovely place to spend a day. But you may be surprised to learn that it’s also home to the Track Kitchen, a racetrack restaurant that may just be the best-kept secret in Kentucky.

The Track Kitchen allows for the opportunity to enjoy an affordable breakfast or lunch and experience a classic Kentucky racetrack in the humblest and most delicious way possible. Did you know about this secret restaurant in the Bluegrass State? Have you dined there? Let us know in the comments!

The Track Kitchen is located on the Keeneland property at 4201 Versailles Rd., Lexington, KY 40510. For more information, visit its website here and scroll down to the Track Kitchen section.

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