One Bite From This This Pickle Themed Shop In Kentucky And You’ll Relish It Forever

Trends in food come and go, but one particular item that always seems to have a cult following is the pickle. Recent menu items have surfaced around the country, in which the pickle is the star — from pickle pizza to pickle ice cream. If you’re a fan of this ultimate condiment, and you live in Kentucky, then you must familiarize yourself with Pops’ Pepper Patch. This local, family-owned company, based in Louisville, creates unique and flavorful pickles, among other items, and once you’ve had a bite, you’ll relish it forever.

Pops’ Pepper Patch is a true Kentucky success story, and it’s all thanks to their spicy pickles and other flavor-packed products. Are you already a fan of these incredible pickles? Share your love for them in the comments and be sure to tag your pickle-loving friends!

For more information on Pops’ Pepper Patch, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here. And to purchase their products online, visit here.

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