Enjoy A Game Of Chess At This Louisville Metro Park In Kentucky

Most folks opt to engage in some type of outdoor recreation when visiting a local park; whether that means going for a hike or stroll, renting a pedal boat, casting a fishing line, or birding — that’s up to each individual. But parks are forĀ everyone, including those who typically eschew more vigorous forms of recreation. This universal accessibility is well-illustrated at the various Louisville Metro Parks, which boast ADA-friendly footpaths, lots of benches and picnic shelters, and even tables for one of life’s greatest intellectual pursuits: chess! At Shawnee Park, a particularly lovely Louisville Metro Park, guests can sit pond-side and enjoy a rousing game of chess with a formidable opponent of their choice, making for a wonderful and low-key afternoon of fun and games in Kentucky!

Have you visited this Louisville Metro Park before? Shawnee Park really is a lovely little urban oasis, made even more enchanting with its outdoor chess tables!

Address: 4501 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211, USA