Explore 170,000 Acres Of Natural Paradise Within Land Between The Lakes In Kentucky

Over the years, we’ve featured many of the experiences, hiking trails, and things to do within Land Between the Lakes. This natural paradise in Kentucky also stretches into Tennessee and when combined, offers 170,000 acres of outdoor beauty and adventure. Many have spent time exploring the rocky forests of Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, but if you’ve never headed west to Land Between the Lakes, you’ll want to visit this totally different region of the Bluegrass.

Whether on land or on water, by car or by bicycle, a visit to Land Between the Lakes is a must for Kentuckians. This natural paradise in Kentucky changes with the seasons and will appeal to each visitor in a different way. Have you explored the 170,000 acres of Land Between the Lakes? What is your favorite thing about this area? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

For more information on the endless adventures available within Land Between the Lakes, visit its website.

And for more on a specific area within Land Between the Lakes, read more about the interesting spot called Golden Pond.

Address: Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, 238 Visitor Center Dr, Golden Pond, KY 42211, USA