These 20 Epic Places In Kentucky Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor

Kentucky has an amazing array of scenic views, from rocky ledges to vibrant forests and roaring rivers. Whatever type of atmosphere brings a feeling of tranquility, it can be found somewhere in the Bluegrass state. We also have the benefit of four seasons, giving our environment a different look every few months each year.

Here are 20 of the most breathtaking views across our fair state.

There is nothing like relaxing in a place so quite and peaceful, it brings a feeling of absolute serenity. Mother Nature has provided a bountiful array of beautiful land all across the state. Just taking a drive can be calming, but stopping at one of the above spots, can wash away all the stress of the day. If you’ve been to any of these 20 breathtaking spots, please share your story, or feel free to add any other amazing views personally experienced.