Bad things happen. It is just a fact in life, be it a natural disaster or a horrible manmade calamity. We are more fortunate than many states that experience horrific mass shootings, consistent earthquakes, and town annihilating mud slides. Still, we have our share of horrifying disasters in Kentucky, and here are 10 of them.

1. The 1997 flood

The best way to describe the flooding of 1997 is to see the news coverage.

2. The 1974 tornado outbreak

This was one of the worst tornado disasters in Louisville’s history. My parents were moving when it hit. I can recall my mother speeding frantically down the expressway trying to outrun it. Thanks to a head start, she did. The aftermath was disastrous for many.

3. Potato Branch, 1981 mine blast

In Knot County, eight men were killed in a mine blast that occurred on December 7th. More than 400 men died in the same mine in the following years at the Adkins Coal mine at Topmost.

4. The 1937 flood

The actual number of deaths is unknown, but there were eight in Paducah alone. It is said that more than 26 bridges were wiped from existence in Christian County. The flooding affected the large rivers like the Ohio and Mississippi, but it also caused problems for those that lived near creeks and smaller rivers.


These are just a few of the horrifying disasters in Kentucky over the years. Our people pull it together each time and carry on, rebuilding and improving. You can read about more troubling disasters in Kentucky’s history here.

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