8 of the Most Horrific Disasters In Kentucky’s History

Kentucky has suffered some devastating disasters over the centuries. Some of which were purely Mother Nature’s wrath. Others were simply mankind’s own ignorance: be it racism, a disturbed mentality, or self-destructive rivalries. Incidents like these are not front page stories, proudly displayed, but they are a part of our colorful history. Every state has experienced death, destruction, and disturbances. We are no different.

Here are 8 of the most horrific disasters ever to swoop across the Bluegrass State:

Life in Kentucky today is a lot more peaceful then it was historically. We still have some horrific ice storms, tornadoes and occasional flash flooding, but nothing like it was in the past. The majority of the Bluegrass has became a melting pot of diverse cultures, all working together to improve our communities. One cannot say for sure that clan feuds no longer exist, but none have made national news for some time.

Kentucky has had an interesting struggle to get to where it is today. If you can think of any other disasters from our past, please feel free to chime in. Things get a little foggy past the late 1700s.

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