8 Hills Every Kentuckian Is Willing To Die On

Kentucky people are the best people. We’re warm and welcoming, with a culture that celebrates history, music, and cuisine. But there are some who think Kentuckians are a bit weird, whether it’s because everything shuts down for Derby Day — or a sparkling of snow on the ground. There are parts of Kentucky culture that we’re immensely proud of, even if they might seem a bit silly to outsiders. These things are hills every Kentuckian is willing to die on, and we bet you’ll find yourself shaking your head in agreement as you read along!

We have a lot of pride here in the Bluegrass State, and yes, maybe we’re a bit odd at times, but these are hills every Kentuckian is willing to die on… except not literally, because you certainly won’t catch us driving in a snowstorm.

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