10 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Kentucky Do

Kentuckians have some strange tendencies not shared by those in other states. Mind you, some states might have similarities, but we have our own special way about things. Growing up in different parts of our beautiful state may bring about slight differences in our habits, but we all have uniqueness. Some may question why these things are considered weird. That is a question for someone else, as other state residents are the ones that find some of our habits odd.

Here are 10 weird things Kentuckians do:

As Kentuckians, all this likely seems fine to us, but to outsiders, we are surely possessed for smearing moldy looking cream on a sandwich. Those brave enough to taste our unique concoctions often have a change of heart. Our dialect can take some getting use too also, as I’ve had to explaining my meaning during travels more then once. What are some things you have noticed people from other states find weird about us?

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