Climb Through The Trees And Then Spend The Night In Them At This Epic Treetop Destination In Kentucky

There’s a special place in Kentucky, tucked away within acres of woods, where you can live out your most magical childhood dreams. Thanks to a big life change of a fellow Kentuckian, EarthJoy Tree Adventures was created for visitors to come and relax, challenge themselves, and reconnect with nature and most likely, themselves. At this destination, you can climb trees and then spend the night in the dreamiest treehouse in Kentucky.

EarthJoy Tree adventures aims to help you find peace, joy, and a little bit of yourself while you spend time in nature. Would you go on this treetop adventure? Would you completely unplug in their treehouse? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

For more information on tree climbing and staying in one of their tree houses, visit the EarthJoy website here.

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