The 14 Kentucky Restaurants You Must Try In 2018

We love sharing all of the scrumptious dining options we have throughout the great state of Kentucky. The Bluegrass State offers every type of restaurant you may want – from classic diners to fancy, fine dining. With a new year, it’s a great time to compile a list of some of the best restaurants throughout the state that are so worth a visit. We’ve included everything from diners that have been around for decades to a brand new farm-to-table option that is housed inside a grand castle. Get your calendar ready and start planning your eating tour of Kentucky in 2018 right now.

Even if you’ve already tried some of the restaurants on this list, our guess is that they were probably delicious enough to warrant a return visit. Either way, enjoy these memorable dining experiences throughout Kentucky in 2018. And as always, let us know what other favorite Kentucky restaurants we should check out!