11 Unforgettable Places In Kentucky That Everyone Must Visit This Winter

The people of Kentucky get festive during both the seasons and the holidays. That means there are some unforgettable places to visit during the winter. All across the state people have begun to decorate and celebrate Jack Frost’s season. Since we don’t always get snow, some places off unique indoor celebrations, others just have a natural beauty that is awe inspiring in itself.

Here are 11 unforgettable places in Kentucky that everyone should visit this winter:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

5. Winter Wonderland of Lights

A few of our readers commented on the festivities of Ashland’s Central Park during the winter. The ladies spoke so highly I had to make sure and mention the breathtaking decorations and amazing displays of Christmas spirit. This video provides an interesting walk through that gets better with each passing moment.

4. Lexington

Lexington’s Fire Station #20 puts their heart into showing the good people of Kentucky a festive holiday spirit with their beautiful light show set to music each year. This is an older video, but the holiday light show continues to brighten the Lexington nights each year.

3. Lebanon

In the lovely county of Marion, Kentucky Farm Bureau helps turn a dairy farm into a magical light show that couldn’t be better if Santa himself did the decorating. The first minute or so offers the view of Santa’s local helpers making sure things are in place. After that, things get bright and festive.

2. Light Up Louisville

The Light Up festival in Louisville gives this city an incredibly festive holiday feel. The Downtown area is brightly lit with flashing lights, holiday décor and a huge Christmas tree. There is also an ice skating rink under the lights, allowing people to experience some traditional holiday activities under the vibrant colored “electric” snowflakes.

1. 146 Dunn Street in Georgetown

If you happen to be out riding around in Georgetown, take a moment to drive down Dunn Street. The festive light show is sure to brighten up your evening. So much so, that a couple of readers recommended it for viewing. The video is an array of vibrant colors and Christmas spirit, completely backing the opinion of OIK readers. The fun starts after the 27-second mark.

Each one of these charming Kentucky towns or places offers a warm, inviting, friendly holiday spirit to those wanting to appreciate the festivities. The warm glow of the lights, candles, Christmas trees and displays just seem to invoke the holiday spirit, even in the biggest Grinch. I think each one offers us something special for the season, and there are many other places just bursting with Yuletide greetings. Which one is your favorite?