Fans of the paranormal, listen up. Did you know that Kansas is home to one of the most haunted and disturbing cemeteries in the entire world? If this kind of creepiness is up your alley, read on. If you are like me and think that haunted cemeteries are pretty much the worst thing ever, you should also read on as together we uncover the story of Stull.

Located in Douglas County, Stull is a small, unincorporated community that was originally settled by Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants in the mid-19th-century. After raising the appropriate funds, the settlers began constructing their beloved Evangelical Emmanuel Church, which was completed in the 1860s.

As time went on, the community’s population began to dwindle, eventually leading to the closing of the post office and plans for a bank and an electric railway extension to be canceled.

Today the town sits quiet and nearly vacant, with nothing left to show for it… Except for the burial ground of the original settlers and their families, of course. The area that I am referring to is none other than the legendary Stull Cemetery.

What looks to be a quiet and seemingly innocent resting place for dozens of deceased community members is said to really be a place vast evil by housing one of the “Seven Gateways to Hell.” How did this come to be? According to urban legend, after the Stull settler’s original Evangelical Emmanuel Church became deserted and unkempt, local witches and occult groups began using the once-grand stone sanctuary for their worship, inviting evil spirits into the premise. In an effort to keep away both unconventional worshipers and vandals, the church was bulldozed in 2003 and a lofty, once healthy pine tree (that is alleged to have been a spot for hanging witches) was also destroyed and is now, along with the remains of the church, considered a landmark of evil.

Just where is this supposed gateway to hell? Every Halloween and Spring Equinox, a set of hard-to-find stairs are supposed to appear somewhere near the cemetery grounds, urging passerbys to emerge into the underworld itself, never to return. My advice? Don’t go looking for this morbid hidden stairway… (But if you do and decide to take those steps, please email me so I can do a follow-up article on exactly what happened.)

What do you think? Is there something to this story, or is it just another far-fetched legend? Let us know in the comments!

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