Hike To The Rocky Faris Caves In Kansas For An Out-Of-This World Experience

We love a good cave, especially when it’s attached to history. These rocky Faris Caves in Kansas were carved by hand, and accessible via hike! Come check them out for yourself sometime. If you’ve got your hiking legs ready to go, head out to Kanopolis for a fantastic adventure.

You’ll want to drive out to the intersection of 22nd Road and Avenue N, taking Avenue N west and following the road north until you hit the end. Feel free to use the map below to find your way, or the address listed at the bottom of the article. Happy hiking!

Tell us about your favorite historic spot in Kansas! If we haven’t seen it before, we’ll make sure to feature it in an article just like this one.

Address: Faris Caves, Kanopolis, KS 67454, USA