The Unassuming Kansas Restaurant That Serves The Best Seafood You’ve Ever Tried

Editor’s Note: The Wahoo Fire and Ice Grill has permanently closed since the publication of this article.

Do you sometimes wish you lived near the sea, where you can get fresh seafood right out of the ocean? There are more than a few places around to get your seafood kicks, but where is the best seafood in Kansas? We looked at a long list, and found one in eastern Kansas that we think you’ll like.

Doesn’t all this look amazing? It’s worth a stop, even if you’re not a fan of most seafood. Odds are you’ll find something you love anyways! Wahoo is located at 1101 Moro St. in Manhattan. Or, you can use the map below as a guide to help you get there. Happy travels!

Where’s your favorite seafood place in Kansas? Tell us in the comments below! Also, if seafood makes you long for traveling, you should check out the beauty of Barber County and the Gypsum Hills.