This Hidden Spot In Kansas Is Unbelievably Beautiful And You’ll Want To Find It

Kansas is full of flint hills, wide open areas, and a huge sky. There’s rock formations, rivers, lakes, and even wetlands. We have just about everything under the sun, but still, Kansas is locked in people’s minds as a “mostly flat” state, with a few great features. Well, whether you take a look at Kansas yourself, or even just ask your friends, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t anything like this. This unbelievably beautiful location belongs on any Kansan’s bucket list.

Today’s amazing location is the gorgeous Gypsum Hills where the landscape becomes drastically different than you’d expect in our state.

Here’s a handy map to describe where they’re located, and the Scenic Byway route runs along US-160 between Coldwater and Medicine Lodge. Happy trails!

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