The Lost City In Kansas That Still Baffles Archaeologists To This Day

In modern times, it can feel like there aren’t many things that still remain mysteries. The average person has access to more information on their cell phone than even the most knowledgeable scientists of a century ago. If you’ve got a question, you can ask Google, Siri, or Alexa and get a response within seconds. One field of study that does manage to still retain some element of the unknown is archaeology, and we’ve got plenty of great archaeological finds in Kansas. Our region has had residents for thousands of years, and you can even come across ancient arrowheads and fossils while out walking amongst our plains. One of the most intriguing archaeological finds in Kansas is the lost city of Etzanoa. This place is fascinating and there is still so much that is unknown!

There will hopefully one day be a visitor’s center in the location of Etzanoa, but for now, you can learn more from the Etzanoa Conservancy.

Address: ETZANOA CONSERVANCY, 31639 US-77, Arkansas City, KS 67005, USA