Take A Weekend To Wine, Dine, And Explore The Little Luxembourg Of Iowa

Many small towns in Iowa have a unique cultural heritage, representing the immigrant community that first settled them. But while countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland are commonly represented around the United States, Saint Donatus may be one of the only “Little Luxembourgs” in the whole country! Step into this tiny town of 135 residents, take in the unique atmosphere, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Have you paid a visit to Saint Donatus yet? Let us know all about your trip in the comments section. If not, there’s no time like the present. The town may only have a few attractions, but they’re all worth a visit. Make sure to visit the websites of Kalmes and the Gehlen House to find out more about their offerings.

Address: Saint Donatus, St Donatus, IA, USA
Address: Gehlen Inn Guest House, 101 Main St, St Donatus, IA 52071, USA
Address: Kalmes Restaurant & Catering, 100 Main St, St Donatus, IA 52071, USA
Address: High Bridge Road, High Bridge Rd, St Donatus, IA 52031, USA