The Jester Park Natural Playscape In Iowa Is The Stuff Of Childhood Dreams

In these last days of summer and early fall, it’s a great opportunity to help kids get back in touch with nature – but it can be tricky to find a place that’s both fun and safe. That’s why the designers of the Jester Park Natural Playscape in Madrid have created something truly special for the kids of Iowa. Designed to recreate a natural environment, it’s a playground like you’ve never seen before. Located in the middle of a lush state park filled with opportunities for learning and recreation, it just might be the best playground in Iowa and a unique part of a perfect day trip.

Have you and your family been to the Jester Park Natural Playscape? What do you think is the best playground in Iowa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. If you’re looking to pay a visit, check out the county website for more details. If you’re looking for another educational family-friendly day trip, consider this Dubuque two-for-one.

Address: Jester Park Natural Playscape, 12000-12592 NW 128th St, Madrid, IA 50156, USA