Bring Your Appetite To This Iowa Brewpub That Serves Up Over-The-Top BBQ Feasts

Texas barbecue vs. Carolina barbecue? Forget that debate – to Hawkeye State residents, Iowa barbecue is taking over the world! Iowa has seen a huge surge in high-quality BBQ restaurants in recent years, and to stand out, a new entry will have to bring something unique to the table. Warehouse Barbecue Co. & Brewhouse in Ottumwa took that challenge and ran with it. The skilled pitmasters at this temple of BBQ fusion in Iowa turn out high-quality smoked meats – and then do things to them you won’t believe! You can have a traditional barbecue platter, or you can experiment with a BBQ grilled cheese, empanada, or burrito. You’ll definitely want to bring your appetite because these barbecue feasts are the definition of “over the top”.

Have you been to Warehouse Barbecue Co. & Brewhouse in Ottumwa? Let us know what you thought of this unique BBQ fusion in Iowa in the comments section. You can find out more about what they’re dishing out on the official website and Facebook page. And if you just can’t get enough barbecue, make sure to visit all of the most-recommended barbecue restaurants in Iowa.

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Address: Warehouse Barbecue Co. & Brewhouse, 2818 N Ct St, Ottumwa, IA 52501, USA