Enjoy A Farm-To-Glass Brewing Experience At This Unique Brewery In Iowa

The small town of Lisbon is just outside of the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area, and it’s developed a unique culture of its own. However, to find the most unique spot in the area, you’ll have to head about two miles south, into the heart of farm country. That’s where you’ll find Sutliff Farm & Cider House, the most unique Iowa farm brewery around. This old-fashioned farmstand features a restaurant, a farmer’s market – and a specialty business in hard cider made from fresh apples from the orchard. Hard cider may not be as well-known as beer yet, but those who love partaking know it’s one of the most refreshing beverages around. Thus farm-to-glass brewing experience is so much more than a drink – it’s a destination, and you’ll want to spend the whole day exploring Sutliff Farm.

Have you visited Sutliff Farm & Cider House in Lisbon? Let us know what you tried at this one-of-a-kind Iowa farm brewery in the comments section. You can learn more about the farm and its current offerings on the official website and Facebook page. If you want another farm-to-table experience, check out Iowa’s very first farm brewery.

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Address: Sutliff Farm & Cider House, 382 Sutliff Rd, Lisbon, IA 52253, USA