Iowa’s Very Own Manhattan Deli Has Served Up Simply Perfect Sandwiches For 40 Years

A good deli is a treasure and Des Moines has a deli that’s simply priceless. Hansen’s Manhattan Deli has been a fixture in the city for four decades, serving up towering sandwiches that make any day a little bit better.

The deli serves up delectable hoagies, classic cold sandwiches, zesty hot subs, and daily specials that include offerings like “The Ultimate Grinder.”

Here’s why you need to order your next sandwich at Manhattan Deli.

The Hansen family has owned the deli for its entire run, which might explain why it’s been so consistently good, for so long. Stop in, order a hoagie or sub and see why people rave about this place. It’s open Monday-Saturday. If you love trying new delis, here’s another Iowa spot you might want to visit.

Address: Manhattan Deli, 3705 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312, USA