The Scenic Drive To Mt. Hamill Tap Is Almost As Fantastic As The Fried Chicken

Almost an hour’s drive from Burlington and after a scenic drive along the Iowa river, you’ll come across the sleepy town of Donnellson. This town of fewer than 900 people looks like a time capsule – but people come from miles around for a hidden gem. That would be the old-fashioned pub at Mt. Hamill Tap, where they’ve been frying up some of the state’s best fried chicken for years.

Have you made the drive to Donnellson yet? Let us know what you thought of the town and its famous fried chicken in the comments section. Mt Hamill Tap is known for its special events, so make sure to check the bar’s Facebook page before you arrive, and visit the town’s website for any local news.

Address: Mt Hamill Tap, 1467 155th Ave, Donnellson, IA 52625, USA