The Unique Restaurant In Iowa Where Every Order Comes With A Free Relish Tray

The tiny town of Anita is in the middle of nowhere, about halfway between Council Bluffs and Des Moines, and it doesn’t attract many tourists. But those who do visit might just find the best rural steakhouse in Iowa. The Redwood Steak House, open since 1947 and located in an old red barn, was nearly sold back in 2022 but is still operating under the current management – and those who visit this humble establishment get a big surprise when the meal starts. That’s because the Redwood Steak House is famous not just for its meats, but for the unique relish tray that opens the meal. This appetizer is unlike anything else at an Iowa restaurant – and it comes free with every meal at this old-school Anita institution.

Have you visited the Redwood Steak House and tried its famous relish tray? Let us know about your visit to this rural steakhouse in Iowa in the comments section. The restaurant keeps a low profile online and has no website or Facebook page, but is currently open for dinner seven nights a week starting at 4:30 PM. If you’re looking for more out-of-the-way steakhouses in Iowa, check out this Sibley institution.

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Address: Redwood Steak House, 1807 White Pole Rd, Anita, IA 50020, USA