Hike Among Flower Fields And Elk Herds On This Fairy Tail Trail In Iowa

Iowa’s hiking scene is well-known, but those who explore lesser-known state parks in the Hawkeye State will still discover some amazing surprises waiting for them. Hillview Recreation Area has a great reputation as a more laid-back state park, but by wandering off the beaten path, you’ll discover something amazing. From green canopies of trees to stunning fields of flowers to even a herd of elk, this park has everything. There’s a reason it’s called the best fairy tale trail in Iowa – because a day exploring this trail is like stepping into another world.

Have you explored Hillview Recreation Area? Let us know what you think of the best fairy tale trail in Iowa and the park’s other attractions. If you’re planning to explore the park, visit its Facebook page to learn more about the amenities. If you’re looking for another out-of-the-way adventure in Iowa’s natural beauty, consider a road trip down the state’s most isolated road.

Address: Hillview Recreation Area, 25601 C60, Hinton, IA 51024, USA