The One Spring Festival In Iowa That’s Worthy Of Your Bucket List Every Year

The charming town of Elk Horn, Iowa is always known for its rich Danish heritage. You can find authentic stores and restaurants as you walk the peaceful streets. But every Memorial Day weekend, that heritage kicks into overdrive for TivoliFest, a two-day street festival and parade that brings the tiny Scandinavian country to Iowa in a big way. It’s back in force in 2022, and it’s not an event to be missed.

Have you visited TivoliFest in Elk Horn before, or any of the town’s iconic Danish-themed attractions? Let us know your must-visit spots in the comments section. If you’re planning a visit to the upcoming TivoliFest 2022, make sure to keep a close eye on the event’s Facebook page to find all the updates, and visit Elk Horn’s official page to fill your visit with the best the town has to offer.

Address: Tivoli Street, Tivoli St, Elk Horn, IA 51531, USA