These 10 Charming Apple Orchards In Iowa Are Great For A Fall Day

There’s nothing like an afternoon spent outside in early autumn, enjoying the beautiful fall weather and picking your own apples and participating in fun fall activities. Iowa remains one of the most beautiful places to go apple picking and has some of the best orchards to make it happen for you and your loved ones. The Midwest tends to get an unfortunately bad rap, what with unfounded stereotypes floating about out there, but it truly encompasses some of the most beautiful landscape in the entire United States. Our state is studded with beautiful fall farms, and boasts some of the best apple orchards in Iowa are perfect to visit as the seasons change.

Iowa is full of amazing apple orchards that offer fun for the entire family. From apple cider to freshly fried apple donuts and u-pick opportunities, there’s no better place and way to spend the season of autumn. If you’re looking for fun ways to get out and enjoy some fresh air, be sure to check out these 10 picture-perfect apple orchards in Iowa. You’re about to fall in love with the beauty of the Hawkeye State all over again, folks, and you’re going to love every minute of it.

These fall farms in Iowa make for some of the most beautiful family memories, and are well worth the time and effort it takes to plan and travel during the heated end of summertime. Have you been to any of the best apple orchards in Iowa? Have you been apple picking in Iowa?

Make sure to leave your tips and experiences in the comments below! We want ALL your local tips and tricks, Iowa.

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Best Apple Orchards In Iowa

September 07, 2019

Where can I go apple picking in Iowa?

It’s hard to choose the BEST apple picking spots in Iowa, mainly because there are so many incredible places to pick from. Appleberry Orchard in Donnellson has a fun u-pick opportunity with a tractor ride to boot, and Iowa City’s Wilson’s Orchard has over 120 different apple opportunities. Adel boasts the Wills Family Orchard, a farm that has u-pick and pre-picked options, and the Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge boasts a wildly fun-filled farm experience with pick-your-own apple options, too.

When is the best time to visit an apple orchard in Iowa?

We’d recommend visiting Iowa orchards from mid-August to the last days of late October. Some orchards, depending on their seasons and requirements, are open as late as Thanksgiving, but the prime time for apples tends to end closer to Halloween.

What are the best farms to visit in fall in Iowa?

The best farms to visit in fall in Iowa tend to revolve around pumpkin patches and corn mazes, of which there are OH so many. The Pumpkin Ranch in Winterset has a great selection of pumpkins and boasts a fun hayride through their expansive patches, whereas the Harvestville Farm in Donnellson is known as one of the best patches around. Head to Grinnell’s Uncle Bill’s Farm, or indulge in an Osceola afternoon at the Harvest Barn. Deal’s Orchard is also a fabulous spot, located in Jefferson and open since 1917.