Dine At These 10 Extremely Tiny Restaurants In Indiana That Are Actually Amazing

Sometimes big things come in small packages, especially when it comes to restaurants. Most Hoosiers know by now not to judge a restaurant by its exterior, but sometimes petite establishments just look too small to deliver amazing food. Of course, the best local restaurants in Indiana prove this stereotype wrong by offering superb service, excellent food, and a fantastic atmosphere. Prepare your taste buds for total indulgence, because you’ll feel right at home with the comfort food at some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Indiana.

(Disclaimer: these are not in any ranking order!)

Have you ever eaten at any of these diners in Indiana? Did we miss any of the best local restaurants in Indiana? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Indiana is a diverse state when it comes to dining, and your taste buds are sure to enjoy touring The Hoosier State. Check out some of these authentic Indiana restaurants for a unique approach to local restaurants in Indiana.

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Tiny Restaurants In Indiana

January 26, 2020

Are there other small restaurants in Indiana worth trying?

There sure are! Check out some other local restaurants in Indiana:

  • Olde Town Diner
  • Turkey Lake Restaurant and Tavern
  • Creighton's Crazy Egg Cafe & Coffee Bar
  • La Pasadita

What are the best restaurants in Indiana?

The best restaurants in Indiana, you’ll find, are often the most unsuspecting. Carolyn’s Country Pizza-Ria has some of the best pizza in the U.S., and that’s just one of many locally coveted eateries.

What are the favorite local restaurants in Indiana?

  • The best local restaurants in Indiana are hiding in plain sight. Don’t be afraid to explore your community… and don’t be afraid to ask around for suggestions! And for countless suggestions, just do a quick search on our Only In Indiana page.