The World’s Largest Children’s Museum Is Right Here In Indiana And You’ll Want To Plan Your Visit

Indiana is home to some pretty spectacular attractions, from the gorgeous Indiana Dunes to the quirky town of Santa Claus to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Hoosier State also happens to be home to the largest children’s museum in the world – and their new outdoor attractions coupled with their beloved indoor exhibits will definitely have you wanting to plan your visit.

Have you ever been to this world-famous children’s museum? Will you be checking out one of their awesome exhibits anytime soon? We sure hope so! For more incredible attractions in the Hoosier state, be sure to check out these 8 amazing Indiana secrets that you never knew existed.


Address: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Children's Museum in Indiana

January 05, 2022

What are some interesting roadside attractions in Indiana? 

Indiana is a much more interesting place than most folks from outside of here give it credit for. They often call it a “flyover state”, implying that it’s so boring that it’s not worth visiting, but we respectfully disagree. In fact, Indiana is home to some amazing state and national parks, thousands of miles of trails, historic towns, sprawling cities, and even some strange things here and there – all of which make it quite special. Indiana’s roadside attractions don’t get a lot of love, but maybe they ought to. They’re fun and unique, and you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. For example, during the coldest months, check out Veal’s Ice Tree, which is exactly what it sounds like, in Acton. Alexandria is home to the world’s largest ball of paint (you read that right), Kokomo is in possession of the world’s largest sycamore stump, and in Mentone, you’ll spot the world’s largest egg (it’s a statue, but it counts).  

Where are some truly weird places in Indiana? 

You might have got the idea that Indiana is weird and wonderful from the above paragraph, but if you didn’t, don’t worry – we have more. Indiana is also home to some straight-up weird places (not just things). For example, there’s a hill in a small town where gravity forgets how to do its job. Cars appear to roll uphill and fluids run uphill, too. There’s a notoriously haunted “screaming bridge” in Avon, which is said to be plagued by the tortured souls of the dead. Oh, and you can’t pass up a visit to Butt Drugs, in Corydon, which is quite literally ad rad as it sounds like it should be. There, you’ll find more than just a pharmacy – it’s a whole experience. For more information about these and then some, check out this list of the strangest places you can go to in Indiana right now.  

Address: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA