Late Harvest Kitchen In Indiana Has A Gorgeous Patio That Feels Like Dining In A Secret Garden

You know, some days, the weather in our little corner of the country is kind of unbearable. Whether it’s absolutely freezing or so hot and humid you feel like you might drown just from going outside and breathing, sometimes you’ve got no choice but to dine in, should you decide to go out to eat. But on those days the weather is perfect? You’re gonna want to eat outside, right? Well, we happened to find a place where you can do exactly that, and boy if it isn’t one of the most gorgeous places for patio seating in Indiana!

Late Harvest Kitchen is open for dinner every day except Sundays. For the full menu and story behind this delightful restaurant in Indiana, check out the official Late Harvest Kitchen website.

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Address: Late Harvest Kitchen, 8605 River Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA