Here Are The 12 Most Dangerous Places In Indiana After Dark

We’ve written before about some of the safest or best places to live in Indiana, but what about the most dangerous places in Indiana, especially after dark? Visiting new cities and towns can be thrilling, but you might want to take extra precautions in these towns. According to FBI crime statistics on violent crimes in Indiana from a few years ago, these 12 cities are actually the most dangerous places in Indiana.

Disclaimer: Cities are ranked per capita, not per number of violent crimes.

Did any of these dangerous places in Indiana surprise you? For a bit of a pick-me-up, check out these 10 perfectly sized cities.

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Most Dangerous Places in Indiana

July 29, 2022

What are the safest cities in Indiana?

Looking for a spot to settle down or take a nice, low-key trip? Check out any of the safest cities in Indiana and you’ll find some great options. Lowell is the safest town in the state, with all the crime rates going down, and about 9500 residents in total. A close second is Auburn, where crime is extremely rare in all forms. And the third-safest place to call home in Indiana is Nappanee. There are less than 7000 people in this nice town and you won’t experience scary crimes here.

What are the best small towns in Indiana?

The best small towns in Indiana are the ones with lots of charm and beauty. They are perfect for a day trip or even a big move if you’re looking for a change. Angola is a great choice if you like history, as you’ll find a well-known monument to the Civil War here. If you enjoy art and culture, check out Nashville for a trip to the Brown City Art Colony. Beverly Shores is a “dark-sky” city, meaning that you can really see the stars at night while you’re here.

What are the oldest towns in Indiana?

The oldest towns in Indiana are full of history, so if you’re hoping to learn more about the Hoosier State, you’ve come to the right place. Vincennes is an exciting spot that features amazing architecture. You won’t believe your eyes- it’s like stepping into another era to come to this lovely town. Fort Wayne is another gorgeous spot, which was officially made a town by George Washington in the 1790s.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.