The Lighthouse Road Trip On The Indiana Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

You don’t need an ocean to have a coast. The Great Lakes are so vast, they are practically little oceans themselves, and they give surrounding states the best lake coasts in the world. For a scenic journey of Indiana’s claim to the lakes, take this lighthouse road trip through the northeast corner of the state.

Whether you love history, architecture, nautical attractions, or all of the above, this lighthouse road trip will be right up your alley Check it out:

As a bonus to this lighthouse road trip, start or end your trip with the Calumet Harbor Lighthouse, which has a long and fascinating history. It was built in 1851 but its light was extinguished in 1855 due to sailors’ complaints that it was dangerous to have without a harbor and was easily mistakable for Chicago. It was not reactivated until 1873. Like many of the previously mentioned lighthouses, this one has undergone a wealth of repairs and updates over the years. Learn more about this and all the lighthouses that surround Lake Michigan on

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If you’ve ever seen any of the sights along this lighthouse road trip, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your experiences and photos with us below in the comments.