Hop In The Car And Visit 8 Of Indiana’s Covered Bridges In One Day

Are you like us in the sense that you may or may not be a covered bridge enthusiast? When it comes to covered bridges in Indiana, there is definitely no shortage! Parke County, Indiana, is otherwise known as the covered bridge capital of the world! It’s got 31 covered bridges in total, but for today, we’ll pay a visit to eight of our favorites. If you’d like to see the map with directions, you can do so on Google Maps.

The good news is that if you’re not quite satisfied by stopping at just eight bridges, no worries – there are 23 more you can check out! There are so many covered bridges in Indiana that it’s quite difficult to choose just a few to visit at any given time, especially for those of us who just really, really love these rustic, historic monuments. The Google Map linked above is editable, so you can add or remove any covered bridges that you’d like to.

Have you ever taken a road trip just to visit some covered bridges? Which bridges are your favorite? Tell us about your favorites in the comments section!

Address: Parke County, IN, USA