Be On The Lookout For A New Invasive Species Of Ant In Indiana This Year

Invasive species are never a welcome sight anywhere. After all, who WOULD be excited upon learning that critters more than capable of thriving in Indiana and, as a result, decimating native flora and fauna, have arrived? Other times, instead of total decimation, they bring threats that did not previously exist to the table, like the likelihood of a severe bite with truly nasty consequences, much like the invasive little beast we’re going to cover today. It’s a species of invasive ants in Indiana causing a lot more problems than the ants we’re all used to. It’s called the Asian Needle Ant, and it’s been detected in Evansville this year – which means it will soon be everywhere… if it isn’t already.

What do you think? Are you going to keep an eye out for these invasive ants in Indiana? To learn more about these itty-bitty terrors, check out this fascinating write-up from North Carolina State.