Here Are The 10 Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns In Indiana

Did you know there are tons of small, charming, and beautiful towns in the state of Indiana with less than 250 people living in them? These towns are beautiful, and they seldom get the attention they deserve! Here are 10 charming small towns worth checking out – could these be the best small towns in Indiana? Maybe! Let us know what you think.

Most of these small towns come equipped with rich and interesting histories. Some of the histories are even a little tragic. Regardless, these are all beautiful and important towns in the state of Indiana. They are definitely worth checking out! Do you have a favorite small town in the state? What would you call the best small towns in Indiana? Please let us know in the comments!

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Best Small Towns in Indiana

March 10, 2023
  1. What are some of the best small towns in Indiana? 

Indiana is a delightful little Midwestern state that doesn’t get enough credit for how adorable it really is. There are so many awesome small towns in Indiana that we can’t pick just a few! Some of our favorite small towns in IN, however, are ones like:  

  • Carmel – This town is equal parts ritzy and cute, with tons of shops, eateries, and more to indulge in.  
  • Beverly Shores – Not too far from Carmel is Beverly Shores, Indiana’s first-ever Dark Sky City and stunning lakeside paradise.  
  • Madison – This is the perfect town for history lovers, as it’s full of fascinating historic places, great shopping, and excellent restaurants.  


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  1. Which small towns in Indiana are excellent for vacations? 

Believe it or not, Indiana absolutely does have some perfect places for your next vacation. Consider any (or all) of these small Indiana towns for your next getaway:  

  • Shipshewana – This small Amish town is a delight and a half, to put it lightly. Steeped in rich, Amish history, this one’s excellent for history buffs.  
  • Williamsport – This town is home to Indiana’s most amazing (and tallest) waterfall, among other amazing things.  
  • Nashville – They don’t call this one one of the best towns in America for nothing!  


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  1. What are some fun things to do in Indiana? 

Oh, Indiana, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Okay, so there are too many ways to list here, but a few of the most amazing must-do things to do in Indiana are:  

  • Indiana Dunes National Park – If you’ve never been to Lake Michigan, this is an amazing place to start. If you have been to Lake Michigan, this will be the most beautiful you’ve ever seen it.  
  • Turkey Run State Park – Easily one of the most beautiful places in the Midwest; the hiking at TRSP is second to none.  
  • Brown County State Park – And all of Brown County, really. After all, it’s only known as the “most beautiful area in Indiana.”  


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