There’s nothing better than great BBQ. The problem is, unfortunately, that many of the best BBQ restaurants often go unnoticed by everyone except locals. If you love good BBQ and are looking for new restaurants to try, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the best BBQ restaurants in Indiana.

There is much to love about local barbecue, but you’ll find some of the yummiest at the best BBQ restaurants in Indiana. Which of these hole in the wall restaurants in Indiana is your favorite?

For more hole in the wall dining options, check out these 13 restaurants.

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Best BBQ Restaurants In Indiana

Is Indiana known for BBQ?

Vinegar sauce is the star of the show at any good barbecue in North Carolina. Mesquite-smoked is the calling card of barbecue in Central Texas, and hearty tomato-based sauces are adored in places like Kansas City and Nashville. But Indiana? We may not have a reputation as a barbecue capital, but the fact of the matter is that we have kind of mastered a number of styles of preparation. In fact, we’ve even blended a number of styles in an attempt to create the best barbecue in Indiana!  Bomber’s BBQ has an impressive selection and has been awarded recognition as one of the best local restaurants in Indiana. It seems that variety abounds everywhere in the state’s barbecue scene!

What style of BBQ can be found in Indiana?

The real question is what style of BBQ can’t be found in Indiana! Hickory Hills BBQ, a hidden gem restaurant in Indiana, brings a bit of smoky Southern flavor to the Great Lakes region. Do you crave a walk on the spicy side? The aforementioned Bomber’s BBQ is the place to be – their wings are so hot that they require a signed waiver before you can indulge in their ghost pepper-enhanced meats. This state is a great place to be if you’re a foodie – the variety here is worth bragging about!

What are the other best hole in the wall restaurants in Indiana?

Here in Indiana, mom and pop style dining destinations are the norm, much to our good fortunate. If you are in search of a quality hole in the wall restaurant in Indiana, you will find that you don’t have to look far! Mann’s Grille in Indianapolis is proof that great things come in surprising packages. At The Kitchen Table, you’ll enjoy old fashioned service right beside a service station. These are two classic Hoosier restaurants that locals love, but some of the best can be found via word of mouth. We Hoosiers are a friendly bunch, so don’t be afraid to ask us about the very best local places to dine.

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