Heavenly Acres Is An Awesome Family Farm Hiding In Indiana And You’ll Want To Visit

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, “Today would be a really great day to visit a farm in Indiana.” What, too specific? Just us? Okay, well, we think you’ll like this anyway. We found a delightful family farm in Indiana with lots to do and see (and plenty of new friends to meet), and even better still, you can spend the night! It’s a real, working farm, and the friendly folks (and critters) here are just waiting for you to stop by, say hi, and maybe pick up some eggs. Check it out!

Interested in staying at Heavenly Acres overnight (or longer)? Check out the official Airbnb listing! For a more complete picture of the numerous things the farm offers to visitors and shoppers, be sure to visit the official farm website, as well as its Facebook page.

Address: 8241 IN-32, Thorntown, IN 46071, USA