People Will Drive From All Over Indiana To Oasis Diner, For The Nostalgia Alone

Some things from the past are absolutely not best left in the past, like old-school diners and mom-and-pop shops with malts, shakes, burgers, and the best all-American food and drink you came to love over the years. Well, luckily for us lovers of the olden days, there’s a vintage restaurant in Indiana that’s quite literally straight out of the 1950s; very little about it has changed since its transfer (yes, transfer – more on that in a moment) to the Hoosier State in 1954. Come out and eat at Oasis Diner, a cute little place to which some Hoosiers drive from all over the state just to come and experience. It’s the perfect nostalgic place to hang out and forget about life for a while.

Be sure to check out the official Oasis Diner website for the full menu, most up-to-date hours, detailed history, and more!

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Address: Oasis Diner, 405 W Main St, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA