There’s A Chocolate Museum In Indiana And It’s Just As Awesome As It Sounds

Few things in this world are as widely (and historically) loved as chocolate. As early as 450 BC, people were drinking fermented chocolate-based beverages, and back in those days, it was a bitter concoction thought to give the drinker strength. The Aztec people used cacao as a currency during their time in the 1400s. In 1875, milk chocolate was invented and, in 1847, British chocolatiers invented the chocolate bar. In 1991, Mark Tarner established the South Bend Chocolate Company, and it’s our little slice of chocolate history that we’re pretty proud of up here in the Midwest. The factory has since then become a museum, too, and this epic chocolate museum in Indiana draws folks in from around the world.

So, what do you think? Have you ever – and will you ever – tour this epic chocolate museum in Indiana? You should – it’s super sweet! For a map of all the locations and a menu of current offerings, make sure to visit the official website. Need a little more sweet Indiana in your life? Check out this list of the best ice cream shops in the Hoosier State.

Address: 3300 W Sample St, South Bend, IN 46619, USA

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