11 Bizarre Indiana Laws That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Every state has a handful of crazy laws on the books you would hate to have to abide by. Most of these laws tend to be a bit outdated which is what makes them so darn strange. Indiana, however, has some especially odd laws still in place. Some of these laws are really going to make you scratch your head and wonder why the law was established in the first place. How many of these weird laws in Indiana did you already know about?

There you have it! 11 weird laws in Indiana that are about as head-scratching as it gets. Do you know of any other crazy Hoosier laws? Which one of these laws would you hate the most? Which one do you think is hilarious? We’d love to know! If you found this article funny, please share it with your friends!

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Weird Laws In Indiana

November 01, 2021

What are the best things about living in Indiana?

The Hoosier State is a pretty great place to live, outside of all of the illegal things in Indiana that we’ve mentioned above. For anyone who already lives in Indiana, they know why this Midwestern state is so special. But for those who are thinking of moving, then let these 11 reasons living in Indiana is the best convince you. From the perfect mix of both country and city life to the natural beauty, Indiana has it all. You’ll find farmlands and fresh food, plus did we forget to mention we have the Indy 500 right in our own backyard?

What are the weirdest things about Indiana?

Are you a fan of the weird and wonderful? Do you love the fact that Indiana is just filled with oddities and hidden attractions? We do, too. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of eight things about Indiana that just don’t make any sense. For instance, did you know about the Shoe Tree in Milltown? It’s covered in shoes, what some might even say are from Larry Bird. Or the fact that Indiana is home to the world’s largest ball of paint! Sometimes those strange things in Indiana are some of the most fascinating.

Do Hoosier have any strange habits?

We love strange things in Indiana, especially when it involves the residents. Hoosiers really aren’t any weirder than other state’s residents, but there are still a few strange habits in Indiana that should be discussed. For instance, we’re totally okay with wearing shorts in 50-degree weather. Might seem strange to some, but this is shorts weather, people! Another habit that might seem strange is the fact that we love to slather peanut butter on our cheeseburgers. While it might not be every burger, this is a true Hoosier delicacy.