11 Ways To Spend An Amazing Day At White River State Park In Indianapolis

Indianapolis has all of the features of a major metropolitan city, but with a twist. Within these city limits exists the 250-acre White River State Park – an oasis of relaxation and activity for people of all ages. For citizens of Indiana, the park offers a “staycation” opportunity, because you can spend several days and still not see everything worth checking out.

For visitors the state, you will find that White River State Park offers attractions and activities that would families quite busy. There are green spaces, trails, a canal, and waterways, just like you might find in other State Parks; however, add in some incredible educational and cultural attractions and events, and you have one truly unique spot!

While this is certainly not a comprehensive list, here are 11 excellent things to see and do on a visit to White River State Park!

Much more awaits visitors to the White River State Park! This spot should be on everyone’s Indiana Bucket List, and will be a place you will want to return to visit, no matter how familiar you are with this area. There is always something new and exciting here!

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