A 1940s Indiana Home Once Had 28 Fires Set In One Day By An Unseen Force And It Was Never Explained

June 21st, 1941. Odon, Indiana. The Hackler family farm.

It was on a warm summer morning when an elder child living in the two-story farmhouse smelled smoke. Together, the Hackler family searched for the origin. What they found was quite odd: a single strip of wallpaper in an unoccupied upstairs bedroom was aflame.

The flames seemed to be coming from inside the wall, but when the fire department broke the wall open to verify the suspected cause of the blaze (they believed it was likely a faulty “hidden chimney” inside the wall), they found nothing. Not even fire damage. It was as if the wallpaper had burned only into itself, causing no other harm to the surrounding walls.

No sooner had the firefighters returned to town than they were called back to the home a second time: Mrs. Hackler had found a second fire – this time, it was smoldering inside a mattressĀ in yet another upstairs bedroom.

In a later interview, the Indiana State Fire Marshall stated that the Odon fires were by far “the most baffling mystery” of his entire career. The case was closed with no answers, and to this day, the events that befell the unfortunate Heckler family are still completely unexplained.

It’s certainly worth noting that they had lived in this house for more than a decade, completely uneventfully. However, prior to their ownership of the farmhouse, tragedy had struck there twice. First, several members of a family of five died there in the 1880s of what was said to be called “the burning fever.” Intriguingly, the Heckler family was also a family of five. Following the deaths of the original owners’ family, another farmer moved in and subsequently lost two sons in different hunting accidents.

Following the unexplained fires, the Heckler family decided to tear down and rebuild the house somewhere else – literally. Bit by bit, the men of the Heckler family disassembled the entire farmhouse, only to rebuild it in a location not too terribly far from the original one.

There were never any fires again.

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Address: Odon, IN 47562, USA