Royal Oak Farm Orchard In Illinois Is A Classic Fall Tradition

Fall in Illinois is a time for traditions big and small. Most of these traditions involve farms, fields, or forests. This is no surprise. Autumn is the peak of Illinois’ natural beauty: a season that is best savored outdoors. Located in Harvard, IL, Royal Oak Farm Orchard is an ideal spot to partake in a seasonal staple: apple picking. Its gorgeous grounds contain far more than that, too.  So head to Harvard, visit Royal Oak Farm Orchard, and start your family’s holiday season with a highlight. If you love fall fun, you’ll feel as smart as the town’s name implies.

Royal Oak Farm Orchard is located at 15908 Hebron Rd, Harvard, IL 60033.

To learn more about this extraordinary orchard, visit its website or Facebook page.

Family traditions are the core of fall in Illinois and apple picking might top the list. Royal Oak Farm Orchard is a must for anyone looking to make their autumn truly memorable. What other locations do you love for celebrating the change in seasons? What traditions make your fall special? We love hearing your stories and seeing your photos. Get in touch!

Address: 15908 Hebron Rd, Harvard, IL 60033, USA