Up To 200 Million Monarch Butterflies Are Headed Straight For Illinois This Spring

If monarch butterflies are your favorite of the species, you’ll be pleased to find out that a slew of these black and orange beauties are making their way to the Land of Lincoln as we speak. You don’t have to go to an enclosed garden to attract a myriad of these winged insects. They say that if one of these lovely critters lands on you, it’s good luck. While it’s hard to project the exact number of Monarch butterflies in Illinois, you can rest assured they’ll put on quite a show. A record low occurred in 2014 with only 34 million migrating north.

Scroll on to find out your best chances of encountering this beautiful phenomenon in the wild.

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Monarch Butterflies In Illinois

April 04, 2020

What other animals migrate to Illinois in the spring?

Butterfly migration in Illinois isn’t the only migration phenomenon that you should be keeping your eyes out for. There are specific birds that will head north to spend spring in Illinois, creating the ultimate bird watcher’s paradise. A few of the birds to keep an eye out for in Illinois this spring are the bluebirds, robins, and blackbirds. Also migrating through Illinois will be a variety of sparrows too, from March through May. If you live anywhere near the Chicago area, then you’re in luck. Due to the proximity to Lake Michigan, this area serves as a critical stop-over for spring migrants of a variety of creatures, both terrestrial and aquatic!

What are the best signs of spring in Illinois?

Spring in Illinois is one of those seasons that people crave as soon as the temps hit below 30 degrees. Since winters can be extremely brutal in Illinois, spring is something that many residents cherish each year. Once the remnants of snow begin to disappear, the temperatures start getting a bit warmer, and the flowers start to bloom, that’s when you can start celebrating. If you’re looking to create a spring bucket list this year, check out these 11 places to absolutely visit this spring in Illinois.

How can I best enjoy nature in Illinois?

Enjoying nature in Illinois is a big hobby, especially for those who aim to spend the majority of their time outdoors every year. Beyond all the hiking opportunities or spending afternoons on the lake, there are tons of ways to enjoy the best of nature in Illinois. You can start by checking out these 11 natural wonders in Illinois.