From 1858-2002, the Joliet Correctional Center was in operation. It is known around the world because it is the prison at the beginning of the movie “The Blues Brothers,” when Jake Blues is released. Also, it was the location for the first season of the show “Prison Break.” Why was it chosen? Well, just look at the building. It’s constructed of a gorgeous limestone (built by convicts, of course). It has been famous since years before its appearance in pop culture, however. In 1872, there were 1,239 prisoners. This was a record number of prisoners inhabiting a single prison. Although it had a lot of prisoners, it eventually closed in 2002. This was due to budget cuts and the fact that the buildings were just so old and decrepit. What remains on the outside, however, is gorgeous. For now, there are no tours of the inside (although there may be in the future). So these incredible photos that were collected in this YouTube video give you access you just can’t get otherwise.

Do you recognize this prison?

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